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Digital Tutors - Texturing Sci-Fi Game Assets in Substance Designer

My first published course.

We go through setting up a texture rig from the point of view of a tech artist. The main purpose of using this process is for bulk mesh texturing, rapid pre-viz and keeping values consistent. With that being said we spend a majority of time creating custom utilities, exposing nodes and just setting everything up to a workflow that would suit a user not familiar with Designer. The final rig is meant to be given to any artist on the team where they can simply plug in a few inputs and let their creativity flow without having to worry about matching up values from the other assets.

This is geared towards lower poly game art where we don't have time to build hi-poly meshes so none are used in this course. Each node is live so iteration time is quick allowing art directors and leads to quickly critique and visualize the art without a hitch.

The concept for the models are not original content. They are pulled from various images found from Art Station and Google. All of which are mentioned within the video.

Victor kam victorkam stampedfinalrender

Final result from the course.

Victor kam rig

The texture rig inside Designer.